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The Art of Trampling
By D

I was lying alone on the sand, far from the party. I was tired of all. All that people, music, alcoholics, screams, laughs.
I needed silence...
I was totally relaxing in the dark…
My eyes were shut and I just can hear the light "bunz, bunz, bunz…" of techno-music.
During this meditation pause I felt two voices coming towards me in the night. They were young voices…
I opened my eyes and saw two figures in the dark: a short one and another taller.
When they came closer to me I noticed they were two kids from the party. It was a party for people about 20-30 y/o, but these two kids were there.
The short one was about 12, while the taller about 14 or 15.
The 12y/o was blond, short hair, whit a clear green eyes. The other had dark and short hair, and black eyes. They were both tanned.
They were wearing large shirts and shorts. Were barefoot bringing their shoes in their hands, the fourteen a pair of sneakers while his friend a pair of sandals.
They were talking, then noticed me lying on the beach and immediately came towards my direction.
When were near to me I expected they asking something and lifted my head…
"And now I will give you a sample, Matt…" said the 14y/o to his younger bud and hardly kicked me in the face.
I was so surprised and my head violently hit the sand.
Still in shock I tried to understand what was happening when I felt the 14y/o foot pressing on my face. The pressure was increasing more and more and when I felt another foot near the first one, I understood that the boy was standing on my face.
"You're great Kurt, you have a perfect balance!" said Matt in a kind of admiration for his older friend.

"You will learn this soon Matt. It's the great Art of Trampling. You have to be able to press hardly with feet on your victim body without causing him too much pain" and saying these words Kurt started to move his feet all over my face. He tried a lot of different positions. His toes were on my forehead, on my nose, my mouth, my cheeks. His heels compressed my eyes, my whole face. My head was half-buried in the sand cause this boy, tall for his age, weight, but, I have to admit, wasn't feeling an intense pain. Just a strong pressure on my face.
I tried to move my arms and legs but I was immobilized. I wasn't tied but that boy with his kick had totally paralyzed me…
Kurt was still stepping on my face. I could see his warm sandy soles covering my eyes and when I could look at his expression, noticed he was so absorbed in his trampling on my face. He was a real specialist.
I renounced to my attempts of moving while Kurt started to explain to his little friend all his feet moves. Matt had to learn how to trample another person face without provoking him a great pain. My face was totally contorted under Kurt feet, but I could stand it without suffering.

Then he stepped down from my face, and walking all over my body he reached my ankles. Standing on 'em, he lifted one foot and opening his legs wide, placed it under my chin starting to press with his heel.
I could see his toes coming out from under my head, while his heel was firmly placed under my chin. He was pressing more and more and my neck was stretching. I still felt the strong pressure, but no pain. It was incredible!
After a long minute, he relaxed his legs.
"Perfection is" he explained to Matt "when you can do this without suffocating your victim"
"Now, you're still a little short for this" he added smiling "but can start to practice the face-standing. It's your turn Matt…"
"Yeeeeeeehhhhaaaa" screamed Matt and jumped heavily with both feet on my face. The pain was tremendous…
"Matt, you have just forget what I've said to you!" yelled Kurt angrily "This is an Art, not a fun!"
"Sorry Kurt" Matt said with a whisper "and firmly placed both feet on my face.

Then the lesson began…
It was more painful having Matt on my face than Kurt. Kurt was heavier but was an expert, while Matt was a beginner and his feet was really crushing my face. His feet were smaller that Kurt ones but when he placed a foot on my nose and pushed I screamed. Immediately Kurt corrected his foot position so the pain vanished. After about an half hour of Matt practice I was feeling the strong pressure again, but no pain. He was learning quickly!
While Matt was standing on my face I understood how much Kurt could hurt me under his weight, but he didn't. I started to fantasize from how many time he was trampling people under his feet. I suppose he had learnt this Art when he was younger, cause being under a 14 or 15 years old, not expert, boy feet can be really painful…
A Matt wrong move brought me back to reality.
When the lesson was finished Matt stepped down from my head.
"At the end of a trampling session your feet will always hurt, so you need some relief for them" said Kurt and, sitting on my belly, place both feet on my face starting to rub his soles all over it. For the first time I noticed Kurt feet were a little smelly.
"Doing the right moves" he said to Matt " you could feel a great relief for your feet"
He continued massaging his feet on my face for about ten minutes.
When he stopped, Matt take his place and did the same. Kurt explained to him the right moves and it goes on for about twenty minutes. So I spent another half of hour with my face under these two kids bare feet.
When they finished, Kurt came near my face, looked down at me and, placing his foot on my nose and mouth, simply said "You are lucky!"
Then stomped with his foot on my face…
When I reopened my eyes I could move again, while the two boys were disappeared…

---THE END---
A boy teach to a younger friend how to trample a person...
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JohnMc88 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014
Couldn't sop rading. Did you track Kurt down so you could be his foot slave forever? I would.
wordsworth26 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014
Interesting story
hello666999 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2012
THAT was the greatest story i have ever seen!!
Atlas-Satori-Tyler Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2012  Professional General Artist
What an incredible story :))
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